Pretty amazing show this evening!

So cool! Can’t wait to go down and check it out!

It’s not too late to get in on the filming of #hubiehalloween as an *and* your car, that is! They are looking for people 18+ with cars (not black, white or red) to be part of the big drive-in scene in Mendon, MA. Sadly, I’m disqualified with my black car 😔

For those of you who are not sick of hearing about the movie yet, here is another link from 🎥🎬 For those of you who have had enough hearing about the movie, I’ll be sure to post something new tomorrow! 😂

@adamsandler #hubiehalloween

The filming of #hubiehalloween wrapped up at the Salem Witch Museum last night. Jonathan Loughran (The Waterboy, Grandma’s Boy, 50 First Dates, etc), Allen Covert (Happy Gilmore, Mr. Deeds, The Wedding Singer, etc) and of course Adam Sandler came out to say hello to the crowd of onlookers. Adam Sandler even ordered cookies from Goodnight Fatty and sent them to us as we waited. 🍪 Salem is loving having a bit of Hollywood in our city! 🎥 🎬

Another day of filming #hubiehalloween here in Salem. Today, they are filming scenes inside the Salem Witch Museum!

With all the excitement of meeting Adam Sandler in person yesterday, I decided to wait until today to share this post. 327 years ago, on July 19, 1692: Five women ranging in ages from 39 to 71, were hanged on charges of witchcraft in the Gallows. It would be the first of several mass execution style hangings here in Salem. Rest In Peace: Sarah Good, Elizabeth Howe, Susannah Martin, Rebecca Nurse and Sarah Wildes. Read on for their stories: Sarah Good, age 39: Sarah Good lived in Salem Village and was pregnant at the time of the witch trials. Good was described by the people of Salem as being filthy, bad-tempered, and strangely detached from the rest of the village. She was often associated with the death of residents' livestock and would wander door to door with her five year old daughter, Dorcas, asking for charity. If the resident refused, Good would walk away muttering under her breath. Sarah Good was brought to trial June 29 and executed on July 19, 1692. Elizabeth Howe, age 57: Howe lived in Topsfield and was the wife of farmer James Howe. The Perley family of Ipswich were among the chief accusers of Elizabeth Howe. They had a ten-year-old daughter they claimed was being afflicted by Howe. The child complained of being pricked by pins and sometimes fell into fits. At first the parents did not believe their daughter’s accusations. They took the child to several doctors who told them she was "under an evil hand". In May of 1692, Howe was accused of witchcraft by the afflicted girls in Salem Village. She was arrested, brought to trial on June 29 and executed on July 19, 1692. Susannah Martin, age 71 Susannah Martin was a poor widow who lived in Amesbury at the time of the Salem Witch Trials. Susannah Martin had been accused of witchcraft before. In her previous cases, she was accused of infanticide and tormenting people with her specter. The charges were eventually dropped or dismissed. Martin was accused of witchcraft by the afflicted girls in the spring of 1692. Susannah Martin was taken to Salem Village, brought to trial on June 29 and executed on July 19, 1692. Rebecca Nurse, age 71: Nurse was an elderly grandmother from Salem Village and the wife of farmer Francis Nurse. On March 23, 1692, a warrant was issued for her arrest based upon accusations made by Edward and John Putnam. A public outcry greeted the accusations made against her, as she was considered to be of a woman of very pious character; even her neighbor Sarah Holton, who had accused Rebecca of acting quite unreasonably in a quarrel over some trespassing pigs, reconsidered. Nurse had a longstanding feud with the Putnam family over border boundaries between their adjoining land. She also disapproved of the controversial appointment of Samuel Parris, whom was a close friend of the Putnams, as the new Salem Village minister. The Putnams were Rebecca Nurse’s main accusers during the witch trials and many of them testified against her. Rebecca Nurse was originally found not guilty at the end of her trial in late June but when the verdict was read out loud in the court the afflicted girls protested and the jury was asked to reconsider its decision. The jury reconsidered and came back with a guilty verdict. Rebecca Nurse was executed on July 19, 1692. Sarah Wildes, age 65: Wildes lived in Topsfield and was the wife of a local judge John Wildes. Sarah Wildes had somewhat of a bad reputation due to previous brushes with law. In 1649, she was accused of fornicating out of wedlock with Thomas Wardwell and in 1663 she was accused of wearing a silk scarf. On April 21, 1692, Jonathan Hawthorne and Jonathan Corwin ordered Sarah, along with her stepdaughter, Sarah Wildes Bishop, Sarah Bishop's husband, Edward Bishop, and six others to be arrested on "high suspicion" of witchcraft performed on Ann Putnam, Jr., Mercy Lewis, Mary Walcott and others, due to a complaint by Thomas Putnam. During her examination, one of the accusers claimed to see Sarah's specter "upon the beam", and the other accusers followed suit. Ann Putnam, Jr. later testified that she herself was tortured during Sarah's examination, and that she witnessed the torture of Mary Walcott, Mercy Lewis, and Abigail Williams. During her own examination, the arrested Deliverance Hobbs claimed that Sarah recruited her to attend a black mass, and offered to cease tormenting her and reward her with clothing in return for her signing of the devil's book. Sarah Wildes was brought to trial on June 29 and executed on July 19, 1692.

So....just met Adam Sandler!

Last night they filmed scenes from Adam Sandler’s Netflix movie, “Hubie Halloween”, right on the Salem Common. It was really fun having a movie set practically in my backyard! Adam Sandler