Hi everyone! Sorry if I haven’t posted as much Salem info lately, but I’ve had a good reason! For the past week, I’ve been traveling through Europe by train. I flew from Boston to London, then went to Paris, Nice, Monaco, Milan, Venice and I’m currently in Prague. Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Germany to study some of the witch trials that went on in Bavaria. I’ll have lots more information to share when I return. I want to thank my amazing team for running the show while I’ve been gone. Suzanne, Paige, Katie and Derek, you guys are the best! I can’t thank you enough! ❤️ Beth, Owner, Witch City Walking Tours Here are some highlights from my trip:

Pretty cool! 👻

Pretty cool! 🦇

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Pretty amazing show this evening!

So cool! Can’t wait to go down and check it out!

It’s not too late to get in on the filming of #hubiehalloween as an extra...you *and* your car, that is! They are looking for people 18+ with cars (not black, white or red) to be part of the big drive-in scene in Mendon, MA. Sadly, I’m disqualified with my black car 😔 http://web-extract.constantcontact.com/v1/social_annotation?permalink_uri=2SKX8Z0&image_url=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.constantcontact.com%2Faf593337001%2Fc33281cc-9fd0-4ed0-989d-07149f130901.jpg

For those of you who are not sick of hearing about the movie yet, here is another link from Boston.com. 🎥🎬 https://www.boston.com/culture/entertainment/2019/07/21/photos-hubie-halloween-adam-sandler-north-shore For those of you who have had enough hearing about the movie, I’ll be sure to post something new tomorrow! 😂

@adamsandler #hubiehalloween

The filming of #hubiehalloween wrapped up at the Salem Witch Museum last night. Jonathan Loughran (The Waterboy, Grandma’s Boy, 50 First Dates, etc), Allen Covert (Happy Gilmore, Mr. Deeds, The Wedding Singer, etc) and of course Adam Sandler came out to say hello to the crowd of onlookers. Adam Sandler even ordered cookies from Goodnight Fatty and sent them to us as we waited. 🍪 Salem is loving having a bit of Hollywood in our city! 🎥 🎬